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One of the rarest of the heritage breeds of hogs, the Black Hog is listed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservatory as endangered with fewer than 300 breeding hogs registered today.

Compared to other breeds, the flavors of the Black Hog’s meat is exceptional. The lean micro-marbled meat is extra tender due to the breed’s short muscle fibers. This produces a tender, moist cut of pork with an exquisite and unique taste.

We thought it only fitting to choose this name to represent the fine quality of food and service that we offer at the restaurant.

Feeding Times

11 am - 10 pm | Monday - Saturday

Watering Hole Times

11 am - 10 pm | Monday - Saturday

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E-mail: contact@blackhogbbq.com

BBQ Sauce

Choose from BHB Original, Kansas City Style, Carolina Red, or Mike's Mustard Sauce

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