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A Word From Our Pitmaster

Well followers, welcome to 2024! These past couple of years have presented challenges for our Frederick, MD barbecue industry, but rather than succumbing to adversity, I’ve decided to reinvest in the Hog and elevate the standards of Real Craft BBQ in Frederick.

My steadfast philosophy in this barbecue business is to consistently produce and serve the highest quality BBQ. Since 2008, we’ve been committed to using fresh, high-quality ingredients in all our menu items. Despite necessary price adjustments over the last few years, we’ve maintained our portion sizes and unwavering quality standards. We don’t manipulate the menu just to meet numbers, setting us apart from many competitors in the industry.

The HOG is dedicated to staying true to Real BBQ! If I had to compromise on our approach, I’d retire and hang a sign on the door saying “Gone Fishin”! Ha Ha.

Thank you all for listening:

Feel free to provide feedback on our Facebook page, especially if there’s a specific type or cut of meat you’d like some Backyard BBQ tips on. I’ll share insights, methods, sauces, etc., to help guide you through the entire BBQ process.

Until then, I sincerely appreciate my customers and eagerly anticipate the next episode.


Mike Tauraso – Pitmaster – Owner

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