With terms like mopping, St. Louis Style, Memphis Style and Dry Rub, we thought we would clear some things up for you.

St. Louis Style Ribs


This refers to the cut of the rib. These spare ribs are a good mix of meat and fat. While this meat won’t be falling off the bone it will be close.

Carolina Style Chopped


This refers to pork, whole hogs, shoulders and or butts. Typically chopped or pulled and served with a vinegar based sauce. We offer Lexington, which is tomato based vinegar sauce and Eastern, which is a vinegar and spice sauce.

Texas Style


This refers to beef (typically brisket) that is seasoned with just salt and pepper then smoked for many hours. Texans usually shun this style being served with sauce, the thought being that the meat should be able to stand on its own.

Memphis (aka dry)

MEMPHIS (aka dry)

Neither too sweet or too hot, these ribs come from our hickory smoker, dusted with spice rub and served with a side of sauce.

Kansas Style (aka wet)

KANSAS STYLE (aka wet)

This refers to being finished on the grill and mopped with our extra sweet sauce.